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LASH APPLICATOR (Stainless Steel)

LASH APPLICATOR (Stainless Steel)

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Apply your lashes like a pro with our eyelash applicator. Get in close to the lash line for speedy, flawless application every time.

- Position and apply without ruining your eye make-up or eyeliner

- Wide handles give you more freedom and a firm grip

- Curved to carefully secure and hold the lash

- Hygienic application

- Get your falsies as close to the lash line as possible

- Stainless Steel material, eyelash applicator

- Available in the color Rose Pink & Black (as shown in picture)


Apply your favorite lash glue to the false lash while holding with ease and no hassle. Using the eyelash applicator, place the false lash on top of the natural lash line as close as possible. Use the curved side of the applicator to secure and blend the false lash to the natural lash.

*When you purchase our eyelash applicator, you will receive a total of 1 (One).

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